Here is some recent communication regarding the Pistol License Proposal. For more information on bills, click here.

"I have been informed the next emergency appropriations bill to keep the state operating through April 25 contains/will contain the pistol license proposal from A-9556A/S-6056A. I have not seen the bill yet. If either the Assembly or Senate complains then the language will be taken out to insure passage as it is necessary for the state to continue to pay its bills. Start calling the LOB."— Jacob J. Rieper, Legislative Director, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

Senate Majority Leader Bruno Indicates License Proposal as Potential Source of Revenue
I received a response letter from Sen. Bruno to my letter opposing Gov. Pataki's renewable pistol license scheme and his response is not exactly encouraging. Quotiing from his letter:
"Our Republican Conference in the State Senate is very concerned with this aspect of the Executive Budget, which is projected to raise $31 million in needed revenues to balance the state spending plan. Assuming that we will be able to identify alternative revenue sources, our Conference is committed to opposing the Governor's firearm license proposal."
Sounds to me like he will go along with the Governor if no other source of that $31 million is found.
Senator Bruno was instrumental in getting Gov. Pataki's gun package passed four years ago and I really don't think he will fight the governor on this one if he pushes hard enough.
You are urged to continue to call and write your Senate and Assembly representatives and Sen. Bruno with your opposition to this burdensome licensing scheme." — Ken Mathison, President

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