History and Purpose

The Schoharie County Conservation Association is composed of several different conservation clubs in Schoharie County that have joined together as an association of over 1,000 sportsmen and sportswomen who are committed to preserving, protecting, and promoting our many outdoor activities.

On July 28, 1906, a certificate of incorporation of the Schoharie County Fish and Game Association, State of New York, was filed and recorded at the County Clerk's office in Schoharie, NY. Listed under the heading entitled "Particular Objects for Which Formed" are:

  1. To secure the protection and preservation of wild birds, game, and fish within the County of Schoharie.
  2. To report all violations of said game laws, etc.
  3. To use all honorable and legal means to secure the passage of laws necessary and beneficial to the protection and preservation of wild birds, game, and fish within said County of Schoharie.

Although the name of the organization has been changed, the objectives of the Association remain the same after over 90 years.

The main purpose of the SCCA is to join together in an effort to protect and improve our many outdoor opportunities. Therefore, most of our energies are directed toward those efforts. We are a communication tool between fifteen to twenty different clubs by Emailing and mailing newsletters out monthly along with a SCCA annual activity report. We attempt to keep ourselves abreast of any attempts from the many "anti-" groups that would seek to decrease the many diversified outdoor activities which we judge to be beneficial to the majority of our membership. Much time is spent reviewing pending legislation which might effect the wishes of any of the more than 1,000 members of the County Association. We work very closely with organizations such as DEC to insure we are properly advised and informed.

The SCCA is a member of the New York State Council. The Council was formed in 1935 in an effort to allow the differing conservation groups of the State to join together to lend support to any issue that effects the use of our many outdoor opportunities. All of the many individual organizations such as the SCCA which belong to the New York State Council are allowed a voting delegate. The SCCA is represented at the NY State Council by John Hornauer of the Richmondville Fish & Game Club, Carl Stefanik of Trout Unlimited , and Mark Hotaling of the West Fulton Rod & Gun Club .

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