Winners of the Raffle were:

Two 12 ft. Kayaks or $500

William Film from Esperance, NY

2nd Prize - 50 Cal. Black Powder Gun

Donated by the Schoharie County Whitetails Unlimited
Dayson Eubanks from Cobleskill, NY

3rd Prize - NWTF Print

Donated by Schoharie County Ridge Runners National Wildlife Turkey Federation
Jake Tucker from Cobleskill, NY

4th Prize - $100 Gift Certificate

Donated by Senator Peter Oberacker
Karl Spalin from Long Island, NY

5th Prize - $100 Gift Certificate

Donated by Assemblyman Christopher Tague
Kyle Brown from Sharon Springs, NY

6th Prize - $50 Gift Certificate

Donated by Bank of Richmondville
Matt Newbury from Esperance, NY

7th Prize - $50 Gift Certificate

Donated by Middleburgh & Schoharie NBT Banks
Kim Shoemaker from Berne, NY

We would also like to thank Shaul's Roofing from Watsonville/Middleburg for paying for the cost of our tickets/printing. Again the raffle was a big success thanks to all ticket sellers, our very supportive public and the excellent weather we had for the Sunshine Fair week. SCCA would like to thank Schoharie Co. Whitetails Unlimited, Schoharie Co. NWTF, Senator Peter Oberacker, Assemblyman Christopher Tague, Bank of Richmondville, and NBT Bank of Cobleskill for their donations used as Raffle prizes.

Volunteers working at the fair this year were Doug Handy, Liz & Don Reinhart, Al Zwick, Ian Yorks, Jim Walion, John Nesel, Mike Zeh, Phil Skowfoe III, Max Karker, Bub Beilby, Pete Beilby, Larry Bradt, Tom Mallette, ENCON Officers Mellissa Burgess & Justtanna Bohling, Fern Kovac, Ida Schneider, John Hornauer, Greg Warner & Wife, Kris Hofeller, Jerry Seybooth, Ryan Hamm & son, Eric Haslun Dave Wood, and Emmit Bush.

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