Minutes from Schoharie County Conservation Association
Meeting held at the Curtis Mott Hall Lounge
September 22, 2004

*-Fellow Sportsmen & Sportswomen-
*Attendance is needed from each club
*For their input on club activities*

President Ray Zeh called this months meeting to order at 19:14 with a salute to the American flag.

New York State Conservation Council: *Voting!: Positions taken by the SCCA should be represented appropriately. Differing opinions may be voiced, by not in context with or in association with the SCCA.
  • Those interested in the Sportsman’s Congressional Caucus need to contact the council.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Program: The Council is involved with dealing with financial considerations at stake with “Open Fields.”
  • New Director: Congratulations and thanks are in order for Mike Zeh, the new Region 4 Director.
  • Next meeting will be December 1st 7:00 PM at the Middleburgh Diner.
  • Fish Committee: The region is drafting a letter pertaining to the budget proposal of $25 million. This money is needed to rebuild the infrastructure of the NYS Hatchery system. The state recognizes the long-term economic, social, and environmental benefits of such a project. The benefits reach beyond just the sportsman and it is appropriate the funding comes from New York State and the sportsman.
  • We need representatives in the NYC area. 12 of the 16 sportsman representatives live in or near NYC. Forty seven of our representative live upstate, while 103 are downstate. We need to establish contacts with fellow sportsman in NYC and have them come to Albany for legislative meetings.
  • Fish and Wildlife Management Fall Meeting will be on October 28th at Lake George. We are sending 2 Region 4 Representatives.

Misc. Info:

  • Sportsman spent $1.2 million for licenses this year. Highest since computerized licensing.(first day).
  • $9.5 million in Federal Non-game grants is available. This should be “music to the ears” for member clubs like Long Path and the Snowmobiles.
  • 17% of NYS doe tags were used.
  • 1,872 deer have been tested for CWD and none has been found, yet.
  • Of the 5,375 youths hunting, 1,025 bagged a turkey.
  • Recent Studies: Studies of Bear and Loons have been posted on the DEC Website. http://www.dec.state.ny.us/
  • Region 4 has been lucky to have DEC fully staffed. Keith Isles is in charge of K-9’s. The DEC has added 2 new canine units. One in the Buffalo area and the other is downstate.
  • The DEC is looking for a Sportsman Instructor in Montgomery County.
  • *They have had numerous complaints of Jeeps on State Lands.
  • The Empire State Outdoor Show has been slated for 2005.
  • Otsego Lake Stocking: Stocking of lake trout will increase by 30% and stocking of Salmon will increase by 15%.
  • Three-mile point will be open for ice-fishing this year.
  • Greenville Central School will be adding a Wildlife Education Teacher to their faculty for six months.

    Business and Activities:

  • Boat Ramp in Esperance: Ray is still pressing for this and will get in touch with Earl Van Warner, Town Supervisor.
  • Pheasant stocking update: October 28th: First release of pheasants, 24 boxes (168 birds) released at 9 sites. There will be two more releases during the season. There was a problem Monday morning at our newest site. Hunters from downstate hunting without permission. Release sites are hard to come by. All hunters must ask permission. Site maps are available.
  • Venison Donation: 108,000 lbs were donated last year. A motion was moved on to use raffle proceeds to donate $500 to this cause. This money was raised by raffling off the black powder gun, which was donated by Barlow’s Sporting Shop. Rich Mannon from Blenheim won the second raffle, which was drawn at the Wildlife Festival – New York Power Authority Sept 25.
  • Recorder: A motion was made and moved on to purchase a tape recorder for use during meetings.
  • New York State Power Authority: North Blenheim – The Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) has citied the New York Power Authority’s Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Project here for the continuation wildlife management program – jointly administered by the Power Authority and the wildlife staff at SUNY Cobleskill – on the grounds of the Schoharie County power project.
    The Wildlife Council recertified Blenheim-Gilboa wildlife program for another two years. “The efforts of the employees at the Blenheim-Gilboa Power Project continued to be outstanding,” said William W. Howard, president of the WHC in a letter announcing the award.
    “Our staff members were particularly impressed with the planning and development of the long-term blue bird nest box monitoring program.” The Power Authority has been committed to the blue bird nesting program at Blenheim-Gilboa since the late 1980s. Eugene W. Zeltmann, president and chief executive officer of the Power Authority said, “We are always delighted when positive efforts we make to preserve and enhance the environment in which we operate are recognized. This honor is no exception.”
    The Power Authority and other winners of WHC awards will be honored during the organization’s annual Symposium and Awards Banquet on Nov. 16 in Baltimore.

  • Fish & Wildlife Management Board: Dave Wood, Mike Zeh and Jim Bertram have volunteered for the committee who meet with Peter Innes, DEC Natural Resources Supervisor, to review the applications for projects applying for Habitat Funding. The application is available on the NYS DEC webpage. Next meeting will be held November 17 at Middleburgh Diner.

    Club Reports:

    Coby Fish & Game Club: Gun Hunter Safety Course (24 new hunters)

    SUNY Cobleskill TWS & AFS: The Wildlife Society (TWS) attended the Regional/State meeting in Montezuma. The Fish and Wildlife Service is working in collaboration with the NYSDEC on the Montezuma Wetlands. The students were taken on tour and listened to presentations courtesy of the Federal and State project leaders. Students also went to Calgary in Alberta. They competed in the national quiz bowl and defeated Purdue. Humboldt defeated them. Humbolt is a team that practices all year and even offers a college preparatory course with a bank of 50,000 questions. The buzzer system donated by the SCCA was a great asset. The TWS is looking for new ways of raising money. For more info see: http://personal.Cobleskill.edu/tws

    Central Bridge Fish & Game Club– Trap shoot on Monday nights at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday nights at 5:30 p.m. and Skeet shooting is open to the public on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. sharp on mornings all year weather permitting. Contact Jim Mansheffer at (518) 868-2576. For September and October shoots, call Pat Gallagher at (518) 234-4194. The club also sponsors the Schoharie Pistol Team that uses the range at the clubhouse. The team is looking for shooters. For more info on the club, visit: http://www.schoharie-conservation.org/memberclubs/cbfgc.html

    Long Path North Hiking Club– New information on recent hikes has been posted to the website. http://www.schoharie-conservation.org/memberclubs/lpn/news.html

    Middleburgh Rod & Gun Club: – 37 new hunters certified September 16. Discussed a break in the club’s trap house. Broke up two cases of clay birds. Youth Archery Program - summer league – 27 kids received trophies. Will hold Youth Archery again this coming January beginning 2nd Saturday. Black Powder will start 1st Sunday in January.

    Richmondville Fish & Game Club– New Clubhouse: the framing is done and roof is on. Metal has been ordered for the siding. It should be here the weekend of October 16.
    Need some help!

    Whitetails Unlimited – The Banquet was held on September 26. There were 147 people in attendance. This was one of our best fundraisers compared to the last 15 years here in Schoharie County. Lt. Duffy gave a recognition plaque to our local chapter for their support to DEC. Whitetails Unlimited donated two digital cameras to DEC this year. John Graves and Eric Haslum were on hand to receive them. Whitetails Unlimited Schoharie Co. Chapter also donated a Black Powder 50 caliber Gun to the Venison Donation Collation. To be eligible for entry for this drawing you must donate a whole deer to the Collation. There are two Meat Cutters in this area, Marlows in Howes Cave and another one in Galluville.

    West Fulton – The Tim Murphy run was a big success. Thanks to all who helped. Nearly 150 entries. Has meetings Scheduled for the 1st Tuesday of each month at the Firehouse.

    The next meeting will be held at Central Bridge Fish & Game Club Thursday, October 28th at 19:00. Neil Tregger, a SUNY Cobly College student will give a presentation on Elk in the Theodore Roosevelt Nation Park where he worked this past summer.

    Meeting adjourned at 21:53.
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