*** We need your help ***

Proposal for the 'Training and Competitive License for New York
State Juniors'

Freeport, NY -- October 2003 --  The Freeport NY R&R Junior Club
is pleased to announce that the Junior Licensing Bill, NYS
Senate version, S608, passed the NYS Senate 61:1 this past

The NYS Assembly version, A1530, still sits in the Codes

The bill will permit our juniors to train & compete in the
pistol shooting sports.

This bill corrects the inequities in NYS Penal Law where
non-residents can participate in NYS competitive events and
while our juniors can not.

If passed into law, this will permit our juniors, ages 14-20, to
apply for a JUNIOR PISTOL LICENSE and then to compete and train
for the Olympics, NYS Empire Games, SASS, IPSC, IDPA, etc. The
law would permit the juniors to handle and shoot, but no

It is imperative that you call your NYS Assemblymen and ask them
to sponsor, co-sponsor and support A1530 and to help force it
out of the Codes Committee.

Also, have your 18, 19 and 20 year olds do the same, as they
VOTE, or should be voting, as well.

If you want to write, you can contact your Reps via the
following link:
http://www.keepandbeararms.com/takeaction/automailers/ny.asp .

Please, this is important, the shooting sports in NYS will be
greatly enhanced by this law change. Have your friends and
relatives call