Minutes from Schoharie County Conservation Association
Meeting held at the Middleburg Rod & Gun Club
May 27, 2004

Meeting was called to order at 7:50pm. A salute to the flag and the pledge of allegiance was recited.

The treasurer's report was given by interim secretary Mark Cornwell. The treasurer's report was accepted as read. President Ray Zeh welcomed SCHOPEG, the Schoharie County public access channel that will air this meeting on local channel 4.

o Scholarships:
Four of nine scholarships to SUNY Cobleskill students have been awarded. Scholarships still at large are waiting for a final written and oral report to the Association. The written report must be posted to the website.
o Delegates: President Zeh stated we need attendance from Conesville, Schoharie County Trappers and the Summit Snowmobilers.
o Boat Ramp: The Schoharie County Supervisors have passed a resolution that states their support for a boat launch on the Schoharie Creek. Senator Seward is sending an additional letter to Commissioner Gotti supporting the boat ramp.
o Canoe Raffle: The canoe raffle is underway. The more tickets we sell now, the less we have to sell at the fair.
o NYPA: Mike Zeh reported that the Fish & Wildlife advisory board met at the visitor's center on May 26th from 11-1pm. Steve Coonradt gave a presentation on the history of Wildlife management at NYPA. The following areas were discussed:
Deer Management: 86 permits were given out for archery. NYPA wants to revive and continue this program. NYPA wants to take a look at the White cedar program
Wetlands: New interpretive signage is needed around newly constructed wetlands.
A feeding platform and possible closed circuit video feed may be installed to watch the eagles undisturbed.
Minekill State Park:
Operation hours are from 7:30am to dusk.
1000 tiger trout and 3500 rainbow trout have been stocked in NYPA waters.
NYPA Boat Access:
Upper Reservoir is open to row boat access. Electric motors are allowed. A one year boating permit is needed and can be obtained from Mr. Ramsey's office or at the NYPA website. There is a background check associated with this permit. The boat permit holder needs to be on the boat. The lower reservoir remains closed to boating. Bank fishing is permitted.
Other Events at NYPA: The capital area envirothon was held at the Power Authority. Antique car show will be on June 13th and the Wildlife festival will be held Sept 25th.
NYPA Boat Launch Discussion:
A discussion commenced on a decision to send a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to try to get NYPA to reopen the lower reservoir launch. Some delegates felt that a letter was necessary to speed the process by expressing our commitment to opening the only motor boat launch in Schoharie County. Other delegates said that we should hold off on the letter and work with NYPA locally to open the lower launch in a similar manner that we helped to get the upper launch open. A resolution was passed to send a letter to FERC asking them to aide in opening the lower boat launch.

Question? How can hunters pre-season scout at NYPA? Hunters should look like hikers. Some hiking trails that hunters use have been cleaned up for hikers.

Ray Zeh needs names and addresses for anglers on the Schoharie Creek to help Norm McBride with angler diaries.

We need current officers for all clubs. Basic website information is needed for Richmondville, Conesville, Pistol Club, Trappers and Summit Club.

SUNY Fish & Wildlife Festival:
Ray Zeh reported a sale of $106 in canoe raffle tickets.
Ray was disappointed in the number of people available to man the booth.
Struttin' Hens:
Ray Zeh welcomed Liz Rinhart and Cathy Slater of the Stuttin' Hens to the organization. Struttin' Hens is dedicated to women in the outdoors, hunting and photography.

Fair Ad:
After discussion, a motion passed to place an add in the paper for the fair. The add will be the same size as the one the SCCA placed last year. Mike Zeh estimated the cost to be $175.

Wildlife Festival:
The Association received a check from SUNY Cobleskill for $40 for their participation in the Wildlife Festival. A motion was made to return the $40 to the College. The motion was carried.

Ray Zeh presented the minutes from the April Association meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes. The motion was carried.

Ponds on SUNY Campus:
Mark Cornwell gave a report on progress on SUNY ponds. The college administration has approved the project and they have identified ponds sites. SCCA and SUNY Cobleskill are currently setting up a meeting with a contractor.

Assemblyman Dan Hooker Guest Speaker:
Mr. Hooker expressed his opposition to new gun legislation increasing the minimum distance a gun can be possessed around schools. He said that this legislation could be construed to be extended to other places children may “gather” even if they are unoccupied. He stated that it already illegal to have guns in and around schools and it is already illegal to shoot someone. He plans to continue to fight on behalf of sportsmen and gun owners and be a “thorn in the side” to the opposition. Mr. Hooker stated that the restrictive pistol legislation we were concerned with has not been in the last two drafts of the Governor's budget. Mr. Hooker also answered questions on snowmobiling in the Adirondacks, the gas tax, snowmobile's and the economy and using our tax dollars to buy land and then restrict the use of that land. Ray Zeh thanked Mr. Hooker for speaking to the Association.

Ed Zamjohn spoke briefly on CFAB. He wanted to make Mr. Hooker and the Association aware that there were areas in Western New York where there was gas drilling on State leased land. The Association felt that revenue from these wells should be used for habitat improvement. Mr. Hooker stated that this money may be lost to the general fund to help cover the deficit.


Liz Reinhart reported their meetings are usually the second week of each month. More specific information will follow. Women in the outdoors will be held October 2nd.

Joe Moore reported that the Coby club has been fishing on meeting nights. They recently stocked 400 trout in the Cobleskill Reservoir holding pond.

The fishing derby was successful. Ninety-six participants caught 31 fish. All kids got a prize. The big fish was 16.5 inches. Their December raffle is underway. They shoot trap every Friday night. Improvements to the road leading to clubhouse totaled $7500. Thank-You to Cobleskill Stone. The Summer archery league starts the week after the July 4th holiday.

Whitetails Unlimited:
The banquet package is set for the Best Western on Sept. 26th. Purchase your tickets ahead of time. For a brochure on the banquet contact Mike Zeh. A raffle on a Spring turkey gun is underway for $5 a square. Ethan Duke received a scholarship for $250 to build the Association website.

The next meeting will be in West Fulton at the firehouse at 7pm on June 24th. Kevin Neary will be our guest speaker. He will oppose Mr. Hooker in the upcoming race for our Assemblyman.
The meeting adjourned at 9:15.

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