Minutes from Schoharie County Conservation Association
Meeting held at the Curtis Mott Hall Lounge
April 22, 2004

-Fellow Sportsmen & Sportswomen-
*Attendance is needed from each club
for their input on club activities*
I would like to list information from all of our clubs and post them to the website. Please email Ray Zeh at raymondzeh@cisbec.net and let him know this information. I will be out of State, studying birds in Michigan. You could also wait for my return in August to submit information. When you do receive the newsletter via email or view it on the web, email it to interested parties to encourage involvement. News on events, legislation, hunter education, and more is constantly being updated to the website. Remember, many of our members can't make it to the monthly meeting; this newsletter is your way of communicating with them.

President Ray Zeh called this months meeting to order at 19:14 with a salute to the American flag. Donna Olsen announced the Festival Farmers Market with a brief description. The bulk of the meeting consisted of SUNY Cobleskill student project presentations. This was part of the review process for the Dorwin Hamm Scholarship offering. Kevin Berner expresses sincere gratitude for the philanthropic gestures made by the SCCA on behalf of SUNY Cobleskill. Such generosity is rare and the Professor was clearly moved by the support and encouragement provided by the SCCA, its member clubs and especially White-tails Unlimited, the West Fulton and Middleburg Rod & Gun Clubs.

Donna Olsen Festival Farmers Market:
The Festival offers locally grown produce and meats. Donna suggested speakers attend to speak about local topics. Suggestions include Senators & Assemblyman, DEC & SUNY speakers on local history, wildlife, and/or Walleye and fisheries.
&Mac183; The Market in Cobleskill opens on Saturdays beginning July 17th and on Wednesdays beginning on July 28th.
&Mac183; Special events include “Dairy & Berry Celebration” & “Herb Fest” Centre Park in Cobleskill from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on June 19th.
&Mac183; Other events are as follows:
o July 31st: Animal Shelter Days
o August 7th: NYS Farmers’ Market Week Celebration
o August 21st: Eat Smart New York Day
o September 11th: Patriots Day
o September 25th: Safety Saturday; with Chicken BBQ
&Mac183; All events are free. Rain or Shine.
&Mac183; For more information call 518-284-2609.

Old Business:

&Mac183; SUNY Cobleskill, Dorwin Hamm Scholarship: It was decided that recipients must give presentations of their projects. The next meeting will be devoted to review of these presentations. Money for three more scholarships was discussed. Possible sources included the donation of $6,000 in skins.
&Mac183; Club Delegates (Annual Dues): All members who have email access should contact us in order to save money on postage.
&Mac183; Fish Diary: Angler Diary Cooperators for all waters will be issued a diary where all trip and catch information can be recorded. All diaries will be returned to the cooperator along with an annual summary of results prior to the start of the 2005 fishing season. In order to participate in the East Branch, West Branch, main Delaware River, Pepacton Reservoir, Cannonsville Reservoir and Otsego Lake Angler Diary Programs, please contact NYSDEC, Fisheries Unit, by mail at Route 10, Stamford, NY, 12167, or by phone at (607) 652-7366.
&Mac183; Website update: Updates will continue to add current news and information. Member Clubs should submit material for posting in electronic format. http://www.schoharie-conservation.org/.
&Mac183; Antler Resolution: Three counties have cooperated on the Resolution which calls for the “3 on a side” rule. Pennsylvania’s program has produced larger deer after 3 years.

New Business:

&Mac183; Dorwin Hamm Scholarship Presentations: These presentations will be on the website soon.
o Jessica Miles: Jessica provided a detailed description of the arduous process of articulating a big brown bat skeleton. The bat was among many petrified in the walls of the cave house at Howe’s Caverns. It will be returned there for display as part of future museum collection. Jessica has been elected Treasurer of the SUNY Cobleskill student Chapter the international organization “The Wildlife Society.”
o Casey Michasiow & Ryan Santos: They have begun a large project, which details the composition of Panther Creek. The presentation showed areas they have covered thus far in the ongoing study. They have used electro-shocking techniques to survey the fish and will determine what trout population the creek will be able to sustain. They will provide recommendations once the study is complete. They have also done extensive records research to draw comparisons between this project’s results and those which were last done many years ago.
o Neil Tregger: Neil is conducting a long-term study of Gray Tree Frogs (hyla versicolor) in Schoharie County. Little long-term studies have been previously done. Neil has created a dozen traps and placed them at the height of 30 ft in trees surrounding a wetland. He has purchased instrumentation and a 2cm transmitter in order to gain insight into the lives of this potential indicator species. Neil has been elected Vice-President of the SUNY Cobleskill student Chapter the international organization “The Wildlife Society.”
o Selinda Schlierman: Selinda presented her project on attempts to capture and radio collar the “Wiley Coyote” in Schoharie County. Although none have been captured, yet, she described in detail the trapping location, process, and goals of the project. She was also able to answer questions and dispel some common misconceptions about coyotes in our area. Selinda has been elected Secretary of the SUNY Cobleskill student Chapter the international organization “The Wildlife Society.”
o Ethan Duke: I presented my project of building the SCCA website. This also included the work I have done on the web for the Wildlife Society and a study site for my SUNY Fish and Wildlife colleagues. As secretary, I have maintained good contact as well as insight into all that is accomplished by the SCCA. I as well as my colleagues have been honored to contribute to an organization concerned with the community and its involvement with the conservation of the natural resources of Schoharie County. We look forward to working with you all in the future.

&Mac183; Fry Ponds Project: Mark Cornwell of SUNY Cobleskill expressed the need to build ponds for fry. Ponds .5 acres, 6 feet deep, rectangular, and drainable are required for these purposes. Each pond could produce 5,000 fingerlings. By supplying the walleye with fat-head minnow for an additional amount of time, larger fish (8 inches) could be produced. A motion was made to accept the project of building a couple ponds was passed. We need to coordinate with local construction companies to see who would be willing to assist in this worthwhile project. For further information contact Mark Cornwell at cornwemd@cobleskill.edu.
&Mac183; Cross-bows: It was decided that the community supports cross-bow use.
&Mac183; Early Youth Season: After discussion, it was decided that we will support the early youth regular season.
&Mac183; Bear Season: We also feel that the bear population is at a point were opening a season would be beneficial.
&Mac183; Trout Stocking: Fish were hand carried by SCCA members and 4 SUNY students. Many nice large trout were stocked. People were catching them over the weekend. Much thanks to the Hatchery. Photos are on the website.
o On May 11th stocking will take place in the Upper Reservoir.

&Mac183; SUNY Fish & Wildlife Festival: Arrangements were made to set up the booth and it was mentioned that there was more time to sell tickets. A motion was made and approved to by 8 sheets of plywood for displays at this and other public showings.

Club Reports:

Central Bridge Fish & Game Club– Skeet shooting on Sunday morning all year weather permitting. Contact Jim Mansheffer at (518) 868-2576. Trap shoots every Monday night from April to September. For September and October shoots, call Pat Gallagher at (518) 234-4194. The club also sponsors the Schoharie Pistol Team that uses the range at the club house. For more info on the club, visit: http://www.schoharie-conservation.org/memberclubs/cbfgc.html

Long Path North Hiking Club– Adopt-A-Highway: If you can lend a hand for a few hours, please give Harold Guest Jr. a call at 518-827-5995 to have your name added to the clean-up call list. We are also looking for new maintainers for Greene County L.P. Sections 24 & 25. Other information and outings may be found on the website:

Middleburgh –The Fishing Derby will take place on May 22nd. A 3-D target shoot is in the works for this all summer. Dylan Foland has been using medicine and the marrow transplant has not been needed.

Richmondville Fish & Game Club– No Report

Whitetails Unlimited– The banquet has been scheduled for September 26th at the Best Western.

Trout Unlimited– No Report.

West Fulton– Has meetings Scheduled for the1st Tuesday of each month at the Firehouse.

COBY Fish & Game: No report.

Schoharie County Jeep Club: Contact information has been posted on the website.

The following clubs should submit contact information and material in electronic format for posting on the website:
&Mac183; Conesville Rod & Gun Club
&Mac183; Richmondville Fish & Game Club
&Mac183; Schoharie County Pistol League
&Mac183; Schoharie Valley Trappers
&Mac183; Summit Conservation Club

The next meeting will be held at The Middleburg Rod & Gun Club Thursday, May 25th at
Meeting adjourned at 21:53

For questions or comments concerning this website:
Contact Ethan Duke dukee902@cobleskill.edu